International Marathon Mobil of New Caledonia
The 25.08.19 at 07:00

Comité Organisateur du Marathon International de NC



- For all  participants : please attached a medical certificate (less than one year on August 25,2019 ) file in PDF format.

Set thirty-five years ago on the initiative of our Japanese friends of TACHIKAWA, the international marathon MOBIL of New Caledonia, takes place during the austral winter with an ideal temperature. Going down mainly all the bays of Nouméa, the runners will have to perform under coconut trees the two loops of a course certainly exigent but particularly pleasant.

At 07.00, start for marathon runners and half marathon runners

At 07:15, start of the 10 km of Nouméa.

At 10.30 children will participate at the challenge Agnes BERNARD.

From 16.00 to 18.00 distribution of photos at finish only for  marathon and half marathon.

At 18.00. All competitors will meet for the awards ceremony.

Each participant of the Marathon, the half marathon and the 10 km of Nouméa will receive a tee-shirt at the bibs.

Dates & times

  • From 08/25/2019 to 07:00 at 12:00


Registration / Admission
Challenge "Agnès BERNARD"1 000 CFP
10 km de Nouméa Tokuyama2 500 CFP
Semi-Marathon3 500 CFP
Marathon International Mobil de Nouvelle-Calédonie5 000 CFP